Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maximimized Onboard keyboard problem

So while messing around with the onboard keyboard I double-clicked it's top bar by mistake and ended up with the keyboard totally covering my screen. To further complicate things, in UNR, the maximize/close/minimize buttons are hidden, so there is basically no way to change the size of the onboard window once it is maximized.

After a good hour or so of tinkering I fell upon this discussion:

So basically all you need to do is use a normal keyboard to launch gconf-editor from a terminal and then go under /apps/Onboard and change the Height and Width settings and relaunch onboard and it should be fine from then on.

One mistake I did make was I had su-ed and was configuring the wrong profile, which prolonged my confirming the solution.

debb1046 mentioned twofing which should allow you to use two fingers to scroll and do some fancy multitouch things with ubuntu (I believe you have to make sure you install the ppa/utouch).



  1. Hi
    My Wetab on-board keyboard not working anymore what to do to reset it?

  2. me too my wetab virtual keyboard disappeared,so I can not use it any more,I tried many times update and delete the account and downloading the system, I got it only during the registration so after that disappeared.and I can not get it back. please if anyone has solution for this problem!!

  3. I'm having the same problem... keyboard appears just when the registration appears... according to this:

    the wetab needs a router than supports ipv6 to complete registration and updates properly (mine does not do it), so probably that's all you need, to replace your router