Thursday, March 3, 2011

Upgrading the touchscreen firmware to 1.006h

So I've been having some really ugly experiences with the touchscreen where it doesn't regsiter my touch in a lot of instances. I've just upgraded the firmware to 1.006h following the details described here:

You will have to do this from inside the WeOs because I'm not sure where to get the eUpgrade tool, maybe it comes with the egalax drivers...anyhow that's not our concern at this point.

First, make sure you have a USB Keyboard and Mouse handy.

Now, open up a shell and

$>cd Downloads
$>sudo  unzip -d /usr/share/tiitoo/firmware/
$>eUpgrade -f /usr/share/tiitoo/firmware/YoungFast_11p6_24x43_72A1v1006h_f04_dsab_ASG.EGXP

Now you will see something like:

*) EETI firmware upgrade tool version: 1.03.1011


 (I) Found a PCAP device on /dev/hidraw0
 (I) Model: PCAP72A1
 (I) Type: PCAP7200 Series
 (I) Version: 1.005f

 (I) Image file [/usr/share/tiitoo/firmware/YoungFast_11p6_24x43_72A1v1006h_f04_dsab_ASG.EGXP]: Opened
 (I) Load image file: OK
 (I) Waiting............
and then pinnwand will restart. DO NOT PANIC IF THE TOUCHSCREEN DOES NOT REACT TO YOUR TOUCH. Just do the eupgrade one more time, this is what happened with me,

eUpgrade -f /usr/share/tiitoo/firmware/YoungFast_11p6_24x43_72A1v1006h_f04_dsab_ASG.EGXP

If fortune does not side with you then you can always revert to the older firmware which you should find under the same folder:  /usr/share/tiitoo/firmware/YoungFast_11p6_24x43_72A1v1005...

Best of luck, if you worried about doing this wait for the official update...!


  1. Thank you, ran the update twice and it worked. I love your blog.

  2. hi etheros cool to find somebody else playing around with a wetab here in cairo. cheers ilyas

  3. pleasure to meet you ilyas :) spectacular events these days in Cairo eh?

  4. Thank you so much! Worked like a charm (with the second efford ;)

  5. It didn't work for me even after multiple attempts....worse now i can't use the touch screen at all....also i don't have the old firmware :( :( ... could you pls share the old firmware ? atleast point to me a place where i can get it ?

  6. Please go in wetab's website:

    download the image and follow the instructions to recover.