Saturday, March 12, 2011

so far so good with Ubuntu

so far I'm finding Ubuntu a lot nicer to deal with, I know I promised to explain how to get twofing to work...I'll get to it soon. I actually haven't found it so useful. In fact what turned out to be really great was the Okular reader. it allows you to drag the pages with the left mouse button and opens pdfs, cbz, name it. And to install it you just use the ubuntu package center.

you may also want to make sure you're running with the ubuntu desktop setup and not the netbook layout because that was get that done you must logout and select a user to login as and at the bottom there should be a selection box to switch to the regular old ubuntu interface.
Rotating the screen as described in one of my earlier posts makes the reading experience better, except the hardware leaves a lot to be desired where the display is concerned.

You will likely find the mouse pointer a pain...i've changed that with a little bullseye png i made and turned into a cursor using xgencursor:

just create a file called target.cursor and add the following:

32 16 16 target.png

to make the hotspot of the cursor be the center. Now run:

$>xcursorgen target.cursor default

you should end up with a file called default containing your new cursor, it took a bit of time to figure out where to put it to get it picked up. I can't recall exactly where i placed it but what i did was i found the folder containing the files for my current theme, backed up the cursor file. replaced it and restarted.

Cheers from the midst of the Cairo revolution!

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