Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Natty Narwhal Installed

This will be a shorter post. I updated my Ubuntu install to Natty Narwhal and a bunch of things sort of broke. One was the multi-touch, if I did a two finger scroll now, touch completely stops working. I later realized that it is actually the GINN daemon kicking in and taking over the clicks but not letting go of them so if you're scrolling, you can scroll up and down for ever but you can't get back your single clicks. To remedy this I went ahead and disabled GINN from the Startup Applications applet and re-enabled twofing. I've also updated to twofing 9a, see this link regarding this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/T101MT

The other problem I'm working on right now is the rotation. It looks like the configuration I had described in my earlier posts doesn't apply anymore. You have to set a Transformation Matrix for the coordinate system. I haven't had enough time to sort it out yet but I will post the details as soon as I have that figured out. Other than those two things, my system seems fine, and I think it's running slightly faster actually :)

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