Thursday, August 25, 2011


I find it very difficult to stick with any one situation or setup for too long. If you ever visit my office at work, you will find me moving my furniture around atleast once every month or two. Well, I grew tired of the regular old ubuntu panels so I went ahead and downloaded Cairo dock from the Ubuntu package manager. I'm liking it so far although it does lack a few essential applets in my opinion; for example, ther is no wifi / network manager plug-in.

You should also know that it will need a composite manager, if you ever need to turn that off, use the gconf-editor (just run the command from a terminal) apps->metacity->general->compositing_manager and uncheck that checkbox to turn the composite manager off. Sometimes I find that these could really hog up resources and knowing how to turn it off comes in handy.

I've also found that using the florence virtual keyboard is much more comfortable, because you can play with its opacity and still see thru it to the windows below. I am though having a bit of a nasty time with these search suggestions that firefox keeps dishing out when I'm trying to fill search forms and other fields; the suggestion box steals the focus from the keyboard and i find myself having to re-type several letters that get dropped off while I'm typing. If anyone figures out how to deal with this please don't hesitate to clue me in!

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