Thursday, September 1, 2011

Twofing Acceleration/Easing

I've found Philip Merk's twofing daemon to be quite a useful feature to have running on the Wetab. I've occasionally had some beef with the acceleration and easing feature where I'm always overshooting the point in the document that I am trying to scroll to simply because the thing won't stop scrolling. Also sometimes it thinks that I'm doing a quick flick when all I'm doing is removing my two fingers from the screen.

A quick patch helped remove the ease effect. Open up gesture.c and do a find on startEasing. Comment that line out and recompile and install. You won't get the easing effect any more. I'm not sure if I will be content with this, the easing and acceleration helped me get through long scrolling adventures but I've also had a few frustrated experiences where I just can't get it to stop scrolling once I've reached the point I want. We'll see how things go from here on.

I'm also enjoying a different layout with the Cairo-docks panels, that along with the metacity composite manager give a nice look and feel for things. Also I've found that opening up the system fonts and cranking those up makes all the menus in firefox and all the other apps a lot easier to deal with, what with my clumsy fingers smudging all over the screen.

Over and out.

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