Friday, November 5, 2010

Change soft touch button (screen capture/take snapshot) to launch anything else

So I've come upon this wonderful German community that shares all their WeTab escapades with the world:

Though my German is rather weak, along with Chormium's translation and the bits and pieces of the language that I know I will try to translate most of the cool features I find there.

In this post we'll look at how to change the small soft touch button at the top left corner of the WeTab. All credit should go to the following forum post:

First off make sure you set a root password (sudo passwd), and don't ever forget it (never write down passwords on paper, keep it all in your head and keep your head safe from all damages at all times).

Now switch to root

# sudo su ( enter your users password , not root's password )

# 0

Now hit ALT-F2 and enter xfce4-keyboard-settings, hit run

Switch to the Application Shortcuts tab.

Click Add.

Enter the name of the program you want to launch (I put xfce4-taskmanager). Press OK.

The window will reappear and stare dumbly back at you, don't worry, that's normal, it's just waiting for you to enter the key-combination that will cause the launch to occur. You should thus press the soft touch button ( upper left corner of your WeTab screen ).

You should find a new entry with the program you entered in the Command column and XF86AudioMedia in the Shortcut column.

Hope that was useful.

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