Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WeTab Desktop Icons

Ok so looking closely at the matchbox video I was able to make out something that looked like: exo-desktop-item-edit

If you google that, you will find that it's an icon creator tool, some ubuntu pages provided the insight.

This page describes the details of that tool.

However to get things really working I actually had to do some of the work manually.

First create a shortcut so that a child node is properly created internally and assigned in the pprop file:

exo-desktop-item-edit -c ~/.appdata/tiitoo-pinnwand/tiitoo-localbookmarks/

Fill the dialog up with any details.

In my case I created an icon for DosBox.

Next find a nice PNG file for your icon.

cd ~/.appdata/tiitoo-pinnwand/tiitoo-localbookmarks

There you will find png, pprop and desktop files. Copy your png here.

Now what I did was just copy the .desktop file from adobereader.desktop and modified that. For my dosbox icon I then had the following:


now from a terminal do sudo killall tiitoo-pinnwand and your desktop should have the new icon on it.

Have fun making icons for your other apps.

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