Saturday, November 6, 2010

Changing WeTab default desktop background

Lazy afternoon, so what else is there to do other than mess around with my lovable gizmos.

There isn't much art to this one, you just gotta be root to modify the following file:


Be aware that the left side panel background is part of that file, so you have to take that into account when replacing it.

sudo killall tiitoo-pinnwand

that should restart pinnwand and let you see your new background.


Follow-up, this is now doable from the pinnwand preferences panel since the November 8 update.


  1. Great blog, my understanding of german being rather limited, this helps a lot.

    How about starting the international Wetab community? I'll be user number 2!

    Continue the good job.

  2. Thanks Philippe, I like the international community idea, don't know where we could start though, the WeTab isn't sold outside of Germany yet as far as I know, so we'll probably be like 4 members altogether but, hey, that's a start ;)

  3. I'm from Turkey and we bought two wetabs last week. You guys did a good job. We loved it. International community would be great.