Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I was looking at some of the cool things that people have done with the Wetab so far on YouTube, and one of the videos was this one about replacing the ugly virtual keyboard with the matchbox one:

Not being one to wait much I went right ahead and did a yum remove of the original wetab keyboard and then a yum install of the matchbox version. Thus began my utterly useless quest to restore what once had been.

First off on rebooting I was met with an ugly cursor, the likes of which I had scarcely seen. Next, my right pinnwand panel was gone and so was everything I could launch from it.

No sweat I thought, I'll just boot into recovery mode and recover cigar, it just scared me even more! Well, a word to the wise, the network manager can be launched from the terminal using the tiitoo-network-manager command.

Once that's done you can go back and undo what you did or brought you to a certain state.

One last thing that really ticked me off was the cursor. Thanks to a thread between two fellas online and a bit of poking around the system, I found that if I created a symbolic link under ~/.icons/default/cursors and point it to /usr/share/icons/xcursor-transparent/cursors/, everything goes back to normal on reboot...Whew!

Other cool things you can do include installing Gimp and pretending to be some artist that smudges paint on the stuff.

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