Saturday, November 6, 2010

Installing Android virtual machine and other interesting stuff on Kevin's blog

So while looking for English resources on the web, I happened upon redkev's blog:

One of his posts describes how to install the Android virtual machine, again, this one is not so tough because tiitoo packages it for you.

Kevin states that you need to install some dependencies but I think yum will take care of that for you. All I had to do was run:

yum install tiitoo-vb-android

and once that was done installing, ran:

I gotta admit though, I am not too impressed with the VM, maybe with a RAM upgrade things would be smoother, I haven't checked really what the consumption was like. This is my first experience with Android, so I don't have much more to add...

Mess around with AppCenter, they don't seem to have too many useful items on there yet for the device. Some items are marked as 'Not available for your device'. I'm not sure how that could be device specific since we're running inside of a vm...perhaps the VM itself is still a work in progress...actually, considering the devtools icon on it, it almost surely is!

Another interesting thing that Kevin describes is installing unrar and rar on the WeTab which comes in handy if you want to install and run something like comix, The GTK comic book viewer.

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