Monday, November 8, 2010

WeTab Ambient Light Sensor Brightness Scare

So last night my WeTab just decided to go all dim all of a sudden. I didn't think too much of it until today I woke up to find it not willing to change the brightness level and stuck on low.

First thing I thought was "gosh, I broke it!". I started looking through the /sys/device for brightness files and even tried to deal some of them a few echo -n 10 but nothing worked.

I also realized after a bit that the brightness was flickering depending on the ambient light of the room. That drove me nuts because it was happening also on the boot-up screen (extlinux's boot up menu).

After a bit I realized the system was trying to download an update. Once it was done it asked me to reboot and then I found two new buttons under system preferences: Touchscreen Calibration and Ambient Light Sensor...Sheesh, you'd think those guys would give you a heads-up before throwing out new updates and driving us bonkers.

Anyhow, so if you're having trouble with your screen brightness, just let the system fully update.

Another thing this did was it removed my virtual keyboard and reset my extlinux.conf file so I had to change it back.

The change to the extlinux.conf for some reason made my system hang at boot-up and I would have to click on the soft touch button on the top left corner for the menu to show up. When I selected the WeTab Os it would then continue to boot normally. That was another scary thing...strike 2! To fix this, I went into my extlinux.conf file and separated out the first few parameters that somehow got squeezed all into one line (prompt 0 timeout 5 default ves...). I put each on its own line and restarted and things worked fine. You might want to remove the hide menu or just comment it out to get a feel for what might be going on.

Needless to say I am no fan of ambient light sensors, they just drive me crazy, so thankfully there is an enable checkbox to uncheck in your preferences.

Also there is a firmware update button for the touchscreen. I'm not sure what that is all about. Also if you look at the extlinux file there is a bios update img which I would guess does all sorts of stuff to the bios of the machine. I wonder if there is a safe way to have a look at that...hmmm

Hope this helps. I'm so relieved, I thought it was all my tinkering around that had finally caught up with the device!

More details about the uptdate here:

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